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Home care tips


Preparing with property care to welcome loved ones back to your home

After what has been a tough year, we’re pleased to see that things are finally looking up as coronavirus restrictions ease. As we welcome loved ones back to our gardens – and eventually our homes – it’s high time for your outdoor space to receive a bit of TLC. Here’s how you can prepare your property for those socially distanced barbecues and summer family reunions.


How to enjoy your home at its best during your summer staycation

During the coronavirus lockdown, we have been spending more time in our homes than we could have anticipated this year. However, with travel restrictions and social distancing still in force, our homes are going to play a much bigger role in our lives this summer than normal as most of us staycation. Here’s how we can help make your summer at home as pleasant as possible.


Our property care company values

We’re proud of our brand – our brilliantly trained, hardworking team members have helped us to build the professional and efficient property maintenance company we are today, along with a great client base. We thought we’d share the meaning behind our brand, and the values that we strive towards to bring the best possible results to properties across the Gatwick Diamond area.


How we’re keeping our property maintenance team safe

During the coronavirus lockdown, we’ve had to think up new ways that our property maintenance team can keep working safely. With social distancing guidelines in place for months now, it’s second nature to us to work as safely as possible. Here’s how we’re keeping both our staff and our customers safe, so we can continue to help you care for your home.


Four signs that you should call us to care for your property

As a homeowner, it can be easy to lose track of your property maintenance. If you’ve got lots of other priorities to focus on, a little bit of grime on your windows may not be the end of the world. However, there are some circumstances in which your home will be calling out for a bit of TLC. Here are some tell-tale signs that your home is in need of our expert care.