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How to make your driveways and patios more than just a pretty face

How to make your driveways and patios more than just a pretty face
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First impressions count! Patios and driveways often serve as your home’s first point of contact for visitors, so keeping them pretty makes all the difference in your property aesthetics with long-term benefits. With our pressure washing and stone sealer treatment, we can revive and retain vibrancy of your stone paving, patio or driveway whilst increasing its lifespan. Pretty ideal, right?

The pros of pressure washing

Our pressure cleaning service for patios and driveways is an instant and efficient way to transform any surfaces, from front of house to garden. Due to the vigorous and intense pressure used by our washers, a Kin Kan Do pressure wash can quickly remove algae, moss and debris from tiny crevices that leaves your patio or driveway sparkling clean. This saves you time and money, avoiding long-term damage that can be caused by the long-term build-up of unwanted grime.

The benefits don't end just there: pressure washing also removes slippery and greasy moss and bacteria that can put you and your family at risk when you use the patio or driveway. After one quick wash, stroll with confidence once again!

Seal the deal with our stone treatments

Our Indian Sandstone Sealer and Natural Stone Sealer treatments are high quality, clear and solvent-free, and provide a breathable coating system for your paving. Our application of the sealer alters the chemical structure of the porous sandstone or natural stone, resulting in a water repellent and stain resistant surface — ideal if you have active youngsters!

Coming into colder and wetter months, giving your stone surfaces the protection to match will keep your patios and driveways both shining and safe, with no fear of weather damage creeping in.

Your local experts

Our local team of experts will apply a stone sealer treatment that lasts up to five years. Suitable for sandstone, limestone, terracotta, travertine, slate and granite it’s perfect for building resistance to algae, lichen and staining, leaving your paving looking fresh and vibrant for longer. This in result extends the lifespan of your patio or drive as it reduces the build-up of algae and oil which can erode your concrete over time.

A well-maintained driveway and patio can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home as well as provide long-term benefits. With our tools and knowledge, we can leave the exterior of your home looking the best in town!

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