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100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services*

Our services

I have been home all day and no-one has been round to clean my windows, do I need to contact you and let you know?  

It is not uncommon for a customer to have been at home for the day but miss our team when they visited because our equipment is efficient, quiet and non-disruptive. Please can you check your windows before assuming we have not attended.  If you do find areas that do not appear to have been cleaned, please let us know and we will arrange for someone to come back as soon as possible and clean them for you again (at no extra charge). 

In the unlikely event that something has prevented us from visiting your property on the date arranged, we will contact you as soon as we can to advise you what has caused this and provide a new date. We use the latest software, which is efficient and informative, notifying us if a job has not been carried out so this will never be missed by the office. 

I am not sure if my  Velux  windows were included?  

As long as we have a clear line of sight and the correct angle, we should be able to clean the Velux for you. Velux windows can be hard to spot from the ground, so it helps us if you advise us of the location of any  Velux windows  at your property prior to us visiting. We will make sure our team knows this so they don’t miss windows that they can’t see readily and clean them all to the best standard achievable.  If access is a problem, we will advise you after our visit.  

My windows are still wet, why is this?     

This is because the water has been purified and de- ionised , meaning we can leave your windows wet to dry streak free.

Streaks are caused by impurities found in tap water therefore the windows should dry perfectly with the use of purified water. 

I can see smears on my windows after they dried, what do I do?  

Firstly, we kindly request that you check the windows to determine if the streaks are on the outside or inside glass, as they are often on the inside, which we can only rectify if we are carrying out an interior window valeting service as well as an external clean.  If the streaks are on the outside of the window(s), please let us know (ideally within 7 days of the clean taking place) and we will arrange a return visit free of charge  to clean the window(s) in question as soon as possible. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every clean, therefore we want every customer be content with the level of service we deliver.   

I can still see algae on my first-floor window sills, what can be done about this?  

From our first clean, we will be shifting many layers of dirt and algae from every gap we can reach. Sometimes we are not able to lift all the algae from the sills on windows above the ground floor on our first visit due to the angle of cleaning from ground level, but by the second clean you should see a great improvement and have sparkly sills in no time. Once the perfect clean is achieved it is easy to maintain.     

Our water-fed poles do a great job of cleaning and maintaining the windows and frames using soft brush heads to clean efficiently without causing damage to your home. If there are stubborn stains that don’t appear to be lifting, we would suggest having an interior clean where we clean all of the insides of the windows, frames and sills from a closed position and then we can also lean out of  the windows with a cloth and wipe the outside sills by hand. The windows can then be maintained successfully with the water-fed pole exterior cleaning system.

You said that you only use purified water but why have your team used tap water for my fascia clean?

There are some occasions where the team will use tap water to carry out a pre-rinse in situations where there is a substantial build-up of dirt to remove the majority from surfaces, but our team would always finish the clean using the purified water system to leave it sparkling. Please note that this does not apply to glass surfaces.

You are planning to carry out a gutter clearance when my windows have just been cleaned. Won’t this make a mess on them?  

Normally the gutter clearance doesn’t leave any mess on the windows but if we do make any mess, we will return free of charge to clean this for you. We have never known this to be needed, but this is something we would do in the unlikely event of this happening.  

I’d like the roof, outsides walls, patio, drive and decking of my house cleaned – should I go for a softwash or a pressure wash?

The two treatments are generally complementary, and booked together they give the best results: the long-lasting, deep clean of the sanitising softwash combined with the instant results of the pressure wash. However, in some cases it is best to use one or the other.

We only recommend our specialist softwashing for roofs, tiles and decking, as power washing could damage these more delicate surfaces; you may also want to opt for softwashing on its own if you have an older property where the surfaces have been weakened over time, for example old walls that are in need of repointing.

However, we recommend pressure washing on its own if you are unable to keep children and/or pets off the surfaces for 24 hours after the treatment (although if you opt for sanitising softwashing followed by pressure washing, most of the biocide will be removed by the pressure washing). We also recommend pressure washing if you have rare, delicate of irreplaceable plants or trees and the softwashing would be likely to come into contact with them. You might also choose pressure washing on its own if you’re preparing to sell your house and want the best instant results, but are not concerned about how long they will last.

You’ve just carried out a specialist softwashing treatment on the outside of my house and there’s an odd smell – why is this?

As the organic material decomposes into salt and water it gives off a slight odour; it’s not overwhelming, but it is noticeable. It tends to last only for the day that the treatment is applied.


Booking our services

We have made a special arrangement regarding your visit but the booking confirmation email does not specify this?

Our booking confirmation emails are generic, so if any special arrangements have been agreed for your clean this will not be listed in the email, but our job notes will have the instructions stored for our technician so that he is aware.

I wish to skip a clean or change the date of clean, what should I do?  

Please reply to the booking confirmation email as soon as possible to let us know if you want to skip a clean or change the date. If you require a date change, emailing us your availability is very helpful as this allows us to accommodate you, where possible.

We request that you inform us a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the clean date to ensure we have received the request in time. This also allows us time to fill the booking with another customer. Failure to do so may result in us attending or in you being charged.   

I heard it is going to be raining when you attend, so I guess I will need to cancel my visit?

This is not necessary. The weather doesn’t have any effect on the finish of the clean as we use purified water (the same as rain water) to clean the windows. The only weather in which we can’t clean in is when it’s heavy snow and ice. 

I know what day you are coming but you haven’t specified a time, why is this?

It is very difficult to provide a time for our attendance as there are so many variables in the day. If you do need to know if we are coming in the morning or afternoon and contact us the afternoon / evening before we are due to attend, we will be able to advise a rough idea of timing as the day will be put in order at this stage.

I really like the technician who carried out the last clean, can I request him every time?

We have a small team of technicians so it is possible that you may see the same technician again, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this because it depends on which van and which area they are working in at the time.



Can I pay by BACS, cash or cheque?

We cannot accept BACS, cash or cheque payment options because we are dealing with a high number of small transactions on a daily basis and therefore it would be very difficult and expensive for us to keep track of payments and chase late payments.

I provided card details to pay for the first clean, what happens next?  

Both our payment methods (debit/credit card and GoCardless) are safe, secure and automated to take payment once a clean is completed.  Once you have provided card details, further payments will be taken from the nominated card and you will receive Stripe receipts by email for each transaction. If you ever wish to change your selected credit or debit card or switch payment method, this is not a problem at all.

You said you do not take payment in advance so why are you sending me a link that directs me to set up GoCardless?

We email you a link from GoCardless at the time of the booking should you decide this is your preferred payment method, but you do not  need to set this up immediately as we never take payment up front. Once you have confirmed to us that you wish to go ahead with our services, we send you a comprehensive email detailing our services and payment methods so that you have all this information to hand and there are no surprises. 

Why do you not quote prices including VAT?

We are VAT registered but always quote prices excluding VAT as the VAT rate is subject to change, but it is currently 20%.


Communicating with us

I have received an ‘incomplete job’ email, what does this mean and what do I do?  

Most often you will have received this email due to the team experiencing access issues. However, because there are a range of potential reasons for an incomplete job, the email sent direct from our database is brief, but our technician will have made a note confirming the specific reason for the incomplete job and the office will check and adjust accordingly. If a return visit is required (i.e. to clean the back windows due to a locked gate) we will reschedule the visit and send you a second email with a revised date. Please note that during the first visit our technicians will have cleaned all accessible areas.  

I don’t want to communicate with you by email or provide my mobile number, so why can’t you call my landline or send a letter?

There are several reasons we require a mobile number and email address to communicate. Firstly, it is efficient, saving time and money (which we can pass onto you in our competitive prices) as we can contact multiple customers at once at the click of a button using our hi-tech booking system. We also feel it is helpful to the customer to have the booking in writing as a reminder (one less thing to remember!). The time and manpower it would take us to phone each customer would not be possible.

I have received a quote, can I call you to book in?

When we provide a quote by email, we do appreciate if you reply by email to say that you wish to proceed so that we have a record of instruction to carry out the service and we have confirmation that you are happy with the prices etc. This also allows for you to advise if we have misinterpreted your requirements before any work is carried out.