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Communicating with us

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I have received an ‘incomplete job’ email, what does this mean and what do I do?

Most often you will have received this email due to the team experiencing access issues. There is a number of potential reasons for an incomplete job and although the email sent direct from our database is generic, our technician will have made a note confirming the specific reason for the incomplete job and the office will check and adjust accordingly. If a return visit is required (i.e. to clean the back windows due to a locked gate) we will reschedule the visit and send you a second email with a revised date. Please note that during the first visit our technicians will have cleaned all accessible areas.  

I don’t want to communicate with you by email or provide my mobile number, so why can’t you call my landline or send a letter?

There are several reasons we require a mobile number and email address to communicate. Firstly, it is efficient, saving time and money (which we can pass onto you in our competitive prices) as we can contact multiple customers at once at the click of a button using our hi-tech booking system. We also feel it is helpful to the customer to have the booking in writing as a reminder (one less thing to remember!). Also, the time and manpower it would take us to phone each customer would not be possible.

I have received a quote, can I call you to book in?

When we provide a quote by email, we do appreciate if you reply by email to say that you wish to proceed so that we have a record of instruction to carry out the service and we have confirmation that you are happy with the prices and schedule. This also allows for you to advise if we have misinterpreted your requirements before any work is carried out.