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We have made a special arrangement regarding your visit but the booking confirmation email does not specify this?

Our booking confirmation emails are generic, so if any special arrangements have been agreed for your clean this will not be listed in the email, but our job notes will have the instructions stored for our technician so that he is aware.

I wish to skip a clean or change the date of clean, what should I do?  

Please reply to the booking confirmation email as soon as possible to let us know if you want to skip a clean or change the date. If you require a date change, emailing us your availability is very helpful as this allows us to accommodate you, where possible.

We request that you inform us a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the clean date to ensure we have received the request in time. This also allows us time to fill the booking with another customer. Failure to do so may result in us attending or in you being charged.   

I heard it is going to be raining when you attend, so I guess I will need to cancel my visit?

This is not necessary. The weather doesn’t have any effect on the finish of the clean as we use purified water (the same as rain water) to clean the windows. The only weather in which we can’t clean in is when it’s heavy snow and ice. 

I know what day you are coming but you haven’t specified a time, why is this?

It is very difficult to provide a time for our attendance as there are so many variables in the day. If you do need to know if we are coming in the morning or afternoon and contact us the afternoon / evening before we are due to attend, we will be able to advise a rough idea of timing as the day will be put in order at this stage.

I really like the technician who carried out the last clean, can I request him every time?

We have a small team of technicians so it is possible that you may see the same technician again, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this because it depends on which van and which area they are working in at the time.