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Why window cleaning should be a priority in Winter

Why window cleaning should be a priority in Winter
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Now that winter is here, many homeowners think they need to put window cleaning on hold until the summer months, when actually it should be a priority. Below we share why window cleaning should be at the top of your cleaning agenda this winter.

Making the most of limited light

During the winter, days become shorter and darker, and grime on your windows further reduce the amount of natural sunlight that comes into your home. That’s why in the winter months, it’s even more important that the small amount of sunshine we have can beam into our homes, to brighten your living space and your mood!

Getting enough sunlight is essential for staying healthy and maintaining your immune system, so why not maximise your chances with clean, shiny windows? The severe winter weather may cause a heavy layer of rainwater and debris to form on your windows, which must be removed to let more light in.

Prevents damage

Windows take the brunt of rain, sleet, hail, and sometimes even snow, as well as being constantly coated with grime, debris, and dust, putting them in danger of damage over time. Cleaning your windows on a regular basis is the best approach to ensure that the elements do not permanently damage them. Having a window cleaner come on a regular basis is more cost-effective in the long run than having to pay for scratches, cracks, and other repairs.

Kerb Appeal

Cleaning your windows in the winter keeps them looking nice and shiny. Whether it's the height of summer or the darkest day of winter, filthy windows are unsightly. If you want to maintain the kerb appeal of your home you need to keep your windows clean all year round.

Local and reliable window cleaners

Our family run business specialises in complete property care with window cleaning being our forte – even those Velux windows which can sometimes be hard to reach. We’ll always treat your home as we would our own, keeping your treasured property in tip-top condition.

Our local team will promptly confirm your booking by email or text, so that you’ll always know when to expect us. This means no impromptu knocks at the door or noises outside your windows without prior warning!

State of the art property maintenance

We use high-quality equipment to clean your windows safely without harming the environment. The water-fed pole that we use to get to those tough to reach areas runs on pure-water without any harsh detergents. With buildings big or small, we can reach your windows and keep them gleaming without having to use ladders.

Interested in our services? Visit our window cleaning page to get a quote or feel free to contact us at for more information