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Summer: the perfect time for cleaning gutters

Summer: the perfect time for cleaning gutters
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A clean gutter is a year-round essential for any house — but one that‘s often ignored until it’s too late! Ideally every season of the year is great for gutter cleaning but, since this is not always possible, find out why Summer is the perfect time to keep your gutters clear.

Why do you need to clean your gutter?

Keeping gutters clean is probably not a pressing issue on many people’s minds, but when left for too long, the consequences can be dire. Once leaves, dirt and debris gather in the gutter, it starts to prevent the flow of water away from the house. Why’s that matter? Stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for insects, bacteria and weeds such as moss — so it won’t be long before you start seeing infestations!

This build-up, caused by leaving a drain unkept for months, is a recipe for disaster. An undesirable mix up of water, mould, moss and mud, it will compact as more layers are added, meaning that the problem will become harder and harder to resolve. If gutters become blocked over the cooler months, this harmful mixture will even begin to heat up and expand as the weather becomes warmer, putting extra pressure on your gutters that can lead to damage and breaks.

Finally, leaving a gutter unclean ultimately undermines its primary function: to keep water flowing away from the house. Any water will slowly wear away at the house’s foundation and structure, but a compromised gutter only helps to accelerate this process and has the potential to cause major issues — particularly in older houses or houses with many wooden constructions.

Summer is the perfect time for a spring clean

Depending on the location and surroundings of your house and recent weather, you may need to get your gutters cleaned more or less frequently. Since Autumn and Spring tend to be when the most leaves and debris settle, it is recommended that you have a minimum of two gutter cleanings a year: in the Summer and Winter. 

A Summer cleaning will not only clear out the build-up from the Spring, but also prepare the gutter for the Autumn ahead. In addition, since British Summers can be unpredictable, it’s worthwhile removing blockages that can dry up and become hard, which can cause overflowing if a storm suddenly hits!

Your local experts

At Kin Kan Do, we always keep house gutters clear with a powerful, state-of-the art gutter vacuum. This heavy-duty tool can be used from the ground, ensuring the safety of our team and avoiding any unnecessary damage to your building from ladders or scaffolding! It can even suck gunk from the hardest-to-reach areas that can’t be reached by hand, such as downpipes, or in areas that are harder to reach, such as conservatories, for drains that are up to four storeys high.

Having regular gutter maintenance will keep your whole house happy and healthy, all year round! Using the proper tools and knowhow, we can help you avoid any unwanted build-ups of moss and moulds.

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