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Professional cleaning to improve the efficiency of your solar panels

100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services*

Approved and highly recommended solar-panel cleaning services to increase your power generation for residential and business customers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.


Solar Panel Cleaning

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Our state-of-the-art, pure-water solar panel cleaning equipment is the cleaning method recommended by solar panel manufacturers.

Increased power generation

Solar panels lose up to 20% of their power-generating capabilities every year they’re not cleaned; regular Kin Kan Do cleaning will keep your solar panels working optimally.

Environmentally friendly

Our purified waterfed-pole cleaning system has no additives or chemicals, just pure H2O.

All sizes 

From a few panels on your home to solar farms – we can clean them all.

All buildings

From bungalows to flats, from townhouses to country manors – we can provide a quality clean to any property.