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Gutter clearance: Winter is here

Gutter clearance: Winter is here
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With it officially becoming Winter, you’ll want to be sure that your gutters are clean and in good shape. Although Winter brings us nice crisp weather and fun seasonal events, it also brings rain and a lot of debris that end up in your gutter.

Gutters are rarely considered and let’s be honest it isn’t the most glamorous job, but they serve a vital role in keeping the weather’s worst from damaging your property. If you are need of a helping hand this Winter, our team is ready to assist!

Prevent damage

Winter has arrived and with Winter comes harsher rainy weather combined with the falling leaves, both of which can be an absolute nightmare for your gutters. Fallen leaves in your gutter with larger amounts of rain fall can cause serious blockages that can cause irreparable damage to your building, and if not seen to, can have detrimental effects on the foundations of your building too.

If your gutters are filled with leaves, the rain can’t drain out properly. When this happens, your gutters will overflow and the water could cause damage to walls, soffits, fascias, sidings, basements, and even your home’s foundation.

Winter is here: Be ready!

And it doesn’t end there! If you don't clean out your gutters before the winter, all the debris and water that has accumulated will freeze as the temperature drops. When it’s frozen, any water from melting snow has nowhere to go, and can seep through your roof, causing water damage. A big no-no!

When the water and debris freezes, it also gets heavier, which could cause the gutters to sag. The extra weight can also cause the hardware that secures the gutters to the house to pull away or even come loose completely. In this scenario, your gutters could come clattering down, which would mean you will need to replace them or at least reinstall them, leaving you with a costly and time-consuming problem!

State-of-the-art technology

Our specialist Gutter Vac system is specially designed to fit into your gutters and the top of downpipes, so they flow freely. We can reach gutters on any buildings up to four storeys high, including individual homes, town houses and apartments.

If you don’t fancy clearing your gutters this Winter, why not get one of our professionals to help you out!

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