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Cutting-edge equipment for a pristine lawn!

Cutting-edge equipment for a pristine lawn!
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Our lawns play an important part in summer fun – they host parties and BBQ’s whilst also providing a space to play, relax and read. With spring fast approaching we will be spending a lot more time in our gardens, therefore it’s crucial that we get the first cut of the year just right to set our lawns up for a busy spring and summer of use. Here is how KinKanDo can help…


At KinKanDo we offer two types of lawn cutting services , EcoMow and ProMow. With our state-of-the-art EcoMow machines, we capture every cut blade of grass and chop it into thousands of microscopic pieces that are fed directly back into the lawn. This then releases nutrients and water from the mulched plant material back into the soil.

Long-term benefits

Not only is EcoMow good for your grass, it’s also great for the environment! EcoMow eliminates the need for large, carbon-consuming vehicles to collect your waste. The waste is usually taken to a sprawling land area where it sits producing methane gases, before being re-bagged in plastic and distributed for purchase to feed back into your garden.


Dreaming about your perfect lawn? Give our high-quality, ProMow service a go. Leaving you with a professional looking lawn all year round. Our cutting-edge, high-quality mowers leave your lawn with a beautiful set of stripes running up and down in unison. Ongoing lawn care will be essential to keep your lawn in the top condition you desire but trust us it will be worth it!

Composting and disposal guidance

Unlike our EcoMow service, our ProMow service does generate waste but don’t worry we’ve got you covered… we can help organise onsite disposal and can even help you seek advice from your local council on how to set up your own green bin for a yearly fee.


Need help transforming your lawn? Contact us and we will help give your lawn the boost it needs to thrive in time for the spring sunshine!