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Giving your wood a new lease of life!

Giving your wood a new lease of life!
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If your wooden decking, fence, or shed has seen better days - severely weathered, cracked, or splintered - and you think replacing it is your only option, think again! Our wood and decking restoration service is just what you need to restore your wooden decking, fence or shed to its former glory!

The winter weather can be particularly harsh on timber and as we go into those colder months again, preparing your decking, fence or shed is the trick to keep ahead of the game and prevent further maintenance in the future.

Keeping it clean all year round

Restoring wooden decking, fences, or sheds to their original beauty has never been so easy with our wood restoration service!

It can be so tempting to leave the cleaning of your decking during the cold winter months, but it will pay off in the summer if you can keep on top of maintenance all year round. Ensuring that you keep the area clean, even when the weather is abysmal can also prevent the decking from becoming slippy, a common problem during winter, and can avoid accidents in the garden.

Regularly cleaning wood whether it is time spent on your decking, fencing or sheds can ensure all stubborn dirt, mildew, and mould build-up is removed. Which not only gives your wood a new lease of life but also preserves the integrity of the wood which ultimately helps prevents costly repairs.

Long term protective benefits

At Kin Kan Do, we know that the biggest culprit in drying and colour loss in wood is the sun. The sun’s rays contain ultraviolet (UV) rays that damage the wood fibres in your decking or fencing at the cellular level.

Our wood restoration treatment contains a UV inhibitor that penetrates the wood and remains there, much like sunblock does on your skin. This ensures healthy-looking results for your wooden shed fence or decking all year round!

Hygienic results

Another reason for the damage caused to wood products are wood destroying organisms (WDOs). Our wood restoration service contains antimicrobial properties that drive WDOs away from the surface of your decking, fence, and shed. And just like that your wood will look and feel great!


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