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To leave or not to leave, that is the question

To leave or not to leave, that is the question
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As autumn rolls around, leaf clearing becomes another chore added to the home maintenance checklist; and potentially one that you’re tempted to ignore. Many people think that if leaves are left to the elements, they will decompose and thus the issue is avoided, but read on to find out why leaving leaves can do more harm than good.

Danger to you

When the first leaves fall on a crisp autumn afternoon and cast a thick amber carpet over the garden, it’s understandable why many are tempted to let them be, especially as in recent years, there have been rumours that it is more eco-friendly to do so.

However, as the leaves fall, soon after will the rain, and soon your garden will turn into a stodgy, muddy mess that posses a safety hazard for you and your family. Walking, playing, and driving on surfaces covered in leaves could cause serious damage, as an experiment by Ford Europe  found that that these maroon menaces can be just as slippery as snow.  

Danger to your garden

Whilst many will admit that soggy brown leaves aren’t the most attractive sight to gaze at throughout autumn and winter, contrary to popular belief, leaves are actually preventing your garden from flourishing come spring and summer. Instead of providing the natural fertiliser that they are speculated to produce, settled leaves on lawn and flower beds are, in fact, magnets for water and bacteria which are major causes of disease, flooding and suffocation of lawns and low-lying plants.

Autumn and winter have major growing potential for your garden, as they are the months during which roots strengthen; so by not removing leaves during this time, you might be reversing all the time and effort you’ve invested in your garden over the warmer months.

How Kin Kan Do can help

At kin Kan do we’re experts in a host of home care and property maintenance services and always aim to connect you to a local professional who will have pesky leaves removed from your lawn, flowerbeds, or driveway in no time.

Invest in your lawn’s health this autumn and see the benefits next spring!

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