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Fascia and weatherboard cleaning: An instant facelift for your property

Fascia and weatherboard cleaning: An instant facelift for your property
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When it comes to our homes, we do what we can to make sure that it is an appealing, comfortable and safe place to live. But we often focus our attention on the interior, overlooking key areas on the outside of our property like our facias and weatherboard. Cleaning these areas is an essential part of good property maintenance as they play an important role in protecting your home and maintaining its neat appearance. With the wind, rain and snow having left their harsh footprints on our homes this Winter, calling in the professionals is not a bad idea!

An instant makeover for your property

The outside of our home is exposed to all the elements and can quickly look a bit careworn if not maintained properly. Cleaning your fascia and weatherboard is one way of giving your property an instant facelift as it removes the build-up of dirt, mould, mildew and other fungi, which can grow if it’s not cleaned regularly. A clean fascia and weatherboard also aid in the detection and prevention of water damage as overtime these boards can develop holes where water may leak inside. Long-term damage can occur if left unattended, causing harm to your property and your bank account!

If you’re selling your home, potential buyers may make their mind up before they even step through the door. Our home-seller’s clean will help improve your home’s kerb appeal, leaving people with a great first impression and some envious neighbours!

Your local experts

After time weathered fascias, weatherboards and other exterior finishes can make any home look run down. Our fascia cleaning service uses efficient and gentle equipment which ensures there’s no damage to your property, while still achieving the best quality clean. Our cleaning service restores your properties original colour, showing extra attention to detail that completely elevates the exterior. For best results, we recommended annual cleaning, but we’re happy to carry out one-off cleans if that’s what you prefer.

Is the exterior of your property looking tired? We can help! Maintaining the exterior of your home on a regular basis has numerous benefits from fully elevating the appearance of your property to preventing long-term harm. By assisting you with our tools and know-how we can help you keep the outside of your home looking impeccable! Please feel free to contact us , we would love to help!