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Myth busting: Do Solar Panels work in winter?

Myth busting: Do Solar Panels work in winter?
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When most people picture the optimal weather conditions for solar panels, their mind usually depicts a bright sunny day where the hotter the temperature, the better. While a hot, sunny day in the middle of summer will yield an adequate level of solar energy production, these are not the only days of the year where solar panels are working in favour of the home or business owner.

Solar Panel Cold Weather Performance

A widespread misconception is that solar panels are hardly effective during the winter season. But believe it or not, even in below-freezing weather, solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. That’s because solar panels absorb energy from our sun’s abundant light, not the sun’s heat. In fact, cold climates are actually optimal for solar panel efficiency. Like most electrical appliances, solar cells perform best in cooler conditions. Perhaps counterintuitively, too much heat can make the cells less efficient. A cold bright day will produce more power from solar cells than a hot bright day.

Winter will only hurt solar production if the panels aren’t cleaned, fun fact: solar panels lose up to 20% of their power-generating capabilities every year they’re not cleaned!

Keeping your solar panels clean

Pollen, dust, or pollution - if it’s in the air, it’ll eventually end up on your panels. This reduces the amount of light hitting the panel and reduces its output, so it is important to clean solar panels to protect and maintain your investment. But cleaning anything on the roof can be a bit tricky.  That’s why you want an expert in solar panel cleaning to do it for you, this is where our solar panel cleaning service comes in handy. We can take away all the hassle and leave your solar panels looking sparkling clean! From bungalows to flats, from townhouses to country manors – we can provide a quality clean to any property. From a few panels on your home to a whole solar farm– we can do it all!


Environmentally friendly

Our state-of-the-art purified water-fed pole cleaning system has no additives or chemicals, just pure H2O! Our service efficiently removes all the dirt, algae, and lichen without using abrasive scrubbing which could damage the glass on the panels.

So, there you have it! Solar panels do work in the winter. But, to get the best results from your solar panels, clean them when it is necessary. Scheduling regular cleanings will ensure your panels are performing at their peak ability!

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