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Preparing with property care to welcome loved ones back to your home

Preparing with property care to welcome loved ones back to your home
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After what has been a tough year, we’re pleased to see that things are finally looking up as coronavirus restrictions ease. As we welcome loved ones back to our gardens – and eventually our homes – it’s high time for your outdoor space to receive a bit of TLC. Here’s how you can prepare your property for those socially distanced barbecues and summer family reunions.

Welcoming loved ones back to your home: the timeline

Boris Johnson’s roadmap for lifting lockdown on 22nd February allowed us all to breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to seeing our families once again. From now, groups of six people are allowed to sit outside, which – weather permitting – means reuniting with loved ones socially distanced in the garden.

Stage three, currently set for 17th May, allows six people to meet indoors with domestic overnight stays to resume. With this allowance for social gatherings soon approaching, you may be looking around your home, terrified at the impact staying indoors has had on it! But, don’t fear – we’ve come to the rescue with some homecare tips that will see you through as a social gathering host, whilst taking pride in your home.

Get your BBQ spot in tip-top shape with our exterior services

With socially distanced outdoor gatherings of six now permitted, your diary may already be full of offers for get-togethers and reunions. If you have found yourself in the hosting seat, but your garden’s a mess, our range of lawn services are here to help you through. So, where to begin?

  • Lawn cutting: You can’t host an outdoor gathering without a clean, green space, so cutting your grass first is a good idea to see what you’re working with. We offer a ProMow lawn cutting service for a pristine striped look. Our EcoMow service is also available if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, reduced waste option
  • Patio cleaning and sealing: If your patio needs a bit of attention after the chilly season’s neglect, we offer both patio pressure washing and sealing services, to both refresh and maintain your outdoor space
  • Decking and fencing restoration: Is your decking or fencing looking a little worse for wear? It’s likely that UV rays and wood destroying organisms (WDOs) are to blame. Our wood and decking restoration service contains both UV inhibitor and antimicrobial properties to not only refresh your surfaces, but keep them looking great.

Give your property some attention

Spending almost every hour indoors has been vital to keeping everybody safe over the past year. However, it may mean that you haven’t been paying proper attention to your home and how it has fared during this time. Maybe the brickwork has suddenly turned a little grubby, or your roof tiles are not quite the colour you remembered them being?

Our roof treatment and cleaning service, combined with our fascia cleaning , are perfect for giving your home an instant facelift – just in time for company to arrive!

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