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Patio and driveway pressure washing – an instant makeover for exterior walls, patios and drives to make your home look its best

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Stunning results for patios, drives and exterior walls with our pressure-washing services for domestic customers across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.


For the best, long-lasting results, pressure washing can be combined with our specialist surface treatment service .



Patio & Driveway Pressure Washing

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Fantastic results

Pressure washing provides instant results. Our robust and powerful surface-cleaning equipment works by blasting water at a high velocity to lift stains including most bird mess, pollution, mould, algae, leaves, moss, grease and more.

Safer for you and your family

A build-up of algae, grease and grime can make surfaces slippery when wet. By removing these, our pressure washing can make patios and drives safer.


Our high-pressure washer will get you the best results in the shortest possible time, in turn saving you money.

Environmentally friendly

The power and efficiency of our equipment means we can use up to 75% less water than other methods on the market. We are also generally able to achieve fantastic results without the need for unnatural chemicals; where we do feel these would be of benefit, we will always liaise with you before applying them.


Should I book a softwash, pressure wash – or both?

Not sure whether to book a softwash, pressure wash or both? The ideal is to have both, for the long-lasting effects of the softwashing combined with the instant results of the pressure wash. But both treatments have pros and cons and are therefore not suitable for all surfaces. Our FAQs explain when to use one, rather than the other – and when you can use both for the very best results.