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Roof treatment for homes - Deep cleaning for the exterior of your home: long-lasting results that protect your property

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Our expert sanitising softwashing surface treatment services for homes in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London will make your home look fabulous – with long-lasting results. Using the same technology that theme parks and health organisations employ to sterilise their equipment and keep it looking like new, our sanitising softwashing also killS viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould, to protect your property and your family.


The best results are often achieved by combining our softwashing and pressure washing services.


Roof Treatment & Cleaning

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Softwashing for great results

Sanitising softwashing is a best-kept secret from commercial leisure and health organisations, who use it to sterilise their premises and equipment and keep them looking great. Our softwashing treatment will significantly improve the appearance of roofs, exterior walls, patios and decking. Whether you’re putting your house on the market and want to boost its kerb appeal, or simply want to enjoy it looking its best, softwashing will make your home look like new.  

Softwashing for long-lasting results

The full effects of softwashing can take a few days or even weeks to show, but they last a long time. Unlike other treatments which only clean the top layer of a surface, our specialist sanitising treatment penetrates deep to kill off most moss, algae, lichen and mould, as well as bacteria and viruses, such as flu. This deep clean leads to great, long-lasting results to keep your home looking its best for longer. 

Gentle enough for all exterior surfaces

Softwashing is gentle, meaning it’s great for even delicate exterior surfaces, and will not damage weak points, such as pointing. Softwashing can be used on all exterior surfaces including:
•    roofs – from EPDM rubber commonly used on flat roofs to tiled and slate sloping roofs
•    walls – including brickwork, render, K Rend silicone, PVC and wood
•    drives and patios – including paving slabs, tarmac, wooden decking and block paving

Increases the lifespan of the outside surfaces of your home

If your patio or roof looks grimy, it’s not just dirty – it’s infested with bacteria, fungus, mould and viruses. These organisms metabolise and excrete on the surfaces on which they live, causing them to degrade. Removing them will increase the lifespan of the exterior surfaces of your house, especially the roof.

Protects your property

Our specialist softwashing treatment removes moss, which can slide off your roof and block your gutters, potentially causing structural damage to your home.
100% biodegradable and natural
Our sanitising softwashing is a natural and biodegradable treatment.  Once applied, it starts to break down into salt and water.


Should I book a softwash, pressure wash – or both?

Not sure whether to book a softwash, pressure wash LINK or both? The ideal is to have both, for the long-lasting effects of the softwashing combined with the instant results of the pressure wash. But both treatments have pros and cons and are therefore not suitable for all surfaces. Our FAQs LINK explain when to use one, rather than the other – and when you can use both for the very best results.