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Why you should softwash your home this winter

Why you should softwash your home this winter
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Winter has arrived and we all know what that means: the rough weather has begun! Dirt and dust will collect on your home’s exterior surfaces and moss will start to form. If you want your home to look shiny and new this Winter, then our soft wash service may be exactly what your property needs!


Give your home an instant makeover

Several months of harsh weather can make any home start to look shabby. Dirt collects in the crevices of your home and soon moss will take over, and that is where soft washing comes to the rescue! Our soft washing technique uses a specialised low-pressure cleaning system which gently removes exterior build up.

Unlike power washing that can damage the surfaces and structures of your home, soft washing is great for cleaning those more fragile areas such as the siding and the roof. This method gently removes moss, algae and other build ups instantly, providing a long-lasting, high-quality result. You won’t even recognise your property!

Protect your home this winter

It wouldn’t be a winter in England without some wet weather! And as a result, soft washing your property on a regular basis is even more necessary. Moss traps water, which can add weight to your roof – causing stress to its structure.

It is also important to be mindful of moss on the ground, as the water trapped in moss starts to freeze, it becomes extremely slippery on driveways and patios, which can become very dangerous for your family and friends.

Want our expert advice? Regularly soft wash your home to prevent costly repairs and keep everyone safe!

An eco-friendly solution

Another benefit of our soft washing technique is that is uses eco-friendly and environmentally safe chemicals to clean your roof, siding or driveway. This is because it uses a biodegradable solution that kills organisms and their offspring at the root, which is pretty cool, right?

Winter is here, so start soft washing your home now, before the moss starts to take over! 


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