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Scarification – revitalise your lawn just in time for spring!

Scarification – revitalise your lawn just in time for spring!
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As we move into spring, the time spent in your garden will most likely increase- so keeping it as lush and green as possible is a must! However, as most avid gardeners know, keeping your lawn looking healthy doesn’t always come easy, so we are here to give you a hand with our scarification service.


Scarification will keep your grass looking luxurious and healthy, so whether you’re having a garden party with some friends or unwinding in the evening with a well-deserved glass of wine, you know your lawn will be looking it’s best.

Why you shouldn’t skip scarifying your lawn

Scarification is a very important task to improve the quality of your lawn and increase the effectiveness of other lawn maintenance procedures.

The scarification process removes organic matter, such as thatch or moss, from around the base of the grass plants and tidies up any straggly lateral growth, which if not removed will prevent grass growth. Too much thatch in a lawn can suffocate rather than protect plants, stopping them getting the necessary light, water, and air that they need.

In itself thatch isn’t a bad thing – a layer about 0.5-1cm thick is fine – anything thicker will begin to damage the grass so we work to remove excess thatch, allowing your grass to thrive!

High quality equipment

With this service, we use a mechanical scarification machine, designed to remove the thatch hidden below the grass. This allows much-needed nutrients to reach the soil of your garden, whilst also helping to prevent moss and lawn disease.

Since lawns are such a vital part of most homes, it’s important that we care for them. Our scarification service is an excellent lawn care technique that can revitalise your garden just in time for spring!

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