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Keep your lawn happy and healthy this winter

Keep your lawn happy and healthy this winter
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It can be a bit of a miserable task looking after your garden in winter. Cold, windy, wet days don’t offer the most enjoyable gardening experience! However, if you stay on top of your lawn care now, you are ahead of the game for when those warmer months arrive.

Here are our top winter lawn care tips to make sure your garden is prepared for whatever mother nature throws at us!

Aerate your Lawn

England and rain come hand in hand in winter so that is why it’s especially important to increase the drainage quality of your lawn. Excess water build-up is bad news for gardens and lawns, as it results in depleted oxygen in the soils which is essential for the lawn to grow.

Using our specialist aeration equipment, our experts insert hollow tines into the soil of your lawn. This reduces the compaction of the soil, increasing water, nutrient, and air access, which encourages root growth.

Repair your Lawn

With our gardens being such an important aspect of the summer this year, I am sure our lawns have seen better days. Any patches that have been worn away are best to sort out now before your out in the garden again!

Our overseeding service uses a treatment that matches the requirements of your lawn and most importantly accommodates to the unpredictable British weather. Want to achieve a healthy, well maintained looking lawn before spring hits? We can help!

Give your lawn one last mow

Trimming your lawn in winter helps keep it healthy during the harsh weather months. Without a winter cut, lawns can develop a mouldy fungus, which can be damaging.

With busy lives and a long list of priorities we don’t always have time to put our lawns first, but don’t worry that is what we are for! Our lawn cutting professionals leave your lawn looking luxurious and ready for whatever weather England throws at us!

Need some help preparing your lawn this winter? Why don’t you get one of our professionals to help you out!

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