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Catch the sun in your garden with crystal clean conservatories and greenhouses

Catch the sun in your garden with crystal clean conservatories and greenhouses
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As summer draws to a close and autumn quickly approaches, conservatories and greenhouses require more attention than ever! With autumn being the peak season for a build-up of leaves and debris, regular cleaning of your conservatory and greenhouse is essential. Kin Kan Do offer both one-off or regular seasonal cleans ensuring that your home is full of natural light and that your greenhouse or conservatory remain sparkling clean and ready for the winter.

Why do you need to clean your conservatory/greenhouse?

It’s easy to allow a conservatory or greenhouse to become dirty: over the stormy autumn, the rainy winter and windy spring, we spend less time enjoying our gardens so mud slowly builds up and moss gradually grows. Yet, it is often only when summer comes that we notice the unpleasant streaks, stains and patches, making it difficult to enjoy the few months of sun that we get.

But it is not purely aesthetic. By letting your greenhouse get dirty you are actually decreasing the effectiveness, the purpose of a green house is to amplify the sun’s rays, which becomes difficult when the glass is clogged up with dirt! Moss and mud on the roof of your greenhouse will prevent sunlight from even reaching the plants below, inhibiting their growth. The same goes for conservatories: humans need sun too, for that all important Vitamin D!

Fantastic results

Leaves, moss and bird mess are all washed away by our highly rated pure-water conservatory and greenhouse cleaning system, leaving the glass to sparkle and the daylight flood in!

Your local experts

Kin Kan Do's expert conservatory and greenhouse cleaning uses a long waterfed pole that allows us to efficiently produce spotless glass whilst keeping both our team and your house safe from dangerous ladders, allowing us to clean quickly and easily – saving you money. Kin Kan Do offer both one-off or regular, seasonal cleans so you can always rest assured that your home is full of natural light.

You're helping the environment as well as your home! We provide an environmentally friendly technique with our detergent-free procedure.

Cleaning your greenhouse or conservatory on a regular basis throughout the year has a number of benefits. We can help you avoid undesired moss and leaves build-ups by using the right tools and know-how, keeping your conservatory clean and your greenhouse functional.

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