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Seasonal lawn treatments - enjoy healthy grass year-round

100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services*

Friendly lawn maintenance professionals for properties in Kent , Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.

With our expert team you will receive a professional lawn care service, leaving your lawn looking strong and healthy.


Our reliable quoting system means we can service customers in the Tunbridge Wells area. This eliminates any wasted travel time and saves costs – allowing us to keep prices low for you.


Our smart booking system keeps you notified, meaning you will always know when your service will take place.  So, if you like being out and about, whether that is shopping at the Royal Victoria Place, enjoying a stroll through Calverly Park or watching the latest film at Odeon, you can be sure to be in for our arrival.

Healthy and fortified

Our specially tailored fertilisers will help you grow the healthiest grass possible. Our high-quality treatments guarantee a bright green glow for your lawn.

Step up your lawncare

It is important to give your lawn the attention it needs if you want it to be truly healthy. Our customised treatments assist you in achieving a luxurious lawn.


With our free, no-obligation quote, you can determine how much a pampered lawn would cost.