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Local, reliable, scarification experts for lawns in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.

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We use our efficient software to service customers locally. With less travel time, we save costs and keep prices low for you.


Our reliable, easy booking system ensures you always know when we’re arriving to carry out your service with prompt notifications.

Maintaining a fresh lawn

Lawn thatch builds up on every lawn, and just like a thatched roof on a house, prevents water coming through. Thatch will prevent water, nutrients and air getting to the soil where it is needed. We work to remove excess thatch, allowing your grass to thrive.

High quality equipment

With this service, we use a mechanical scarification machine, designed to remove the thatch hidden below the grass. This allows much-needed nutrients to reach the soil of your garden, whilst also helping to prevent moss and lawn disease.


Lawn Scarification

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