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Lawn treatments for lawns in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.

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We offer the following lawn treatments: 

Seasonal lawn treatment

Enjoy healthy grass all year round with our seasonal lawn treatment service. Our specially tailored fertilisers will help you grow the healthiest grass possible. Our high-quality treatments guarantee a bright green glow for your lawn.

Selective weed killer

Weeds  not only look untidy, but they can also be poisonous and steal vital nutrients from the grass. Our range of selective weed killers target the specific weed but doesn't kill grass, leaving your garden weed-free and healthy.

Soil conditioner

Improve the health of your soil with our soil conditioner treatment. Poor soil can be the cause for many plant issues such as stunted growth, wilting and yellowing, and can cause plants to die, Soil conditioners improve the quality of the soil by transforming its structure, improving its water retention capabilities and enriching it with nutrients.

When treated with soil conditioners, the previously inadequate soil will become nutrient-rich, respond better to fertiliser treatment, and properly retain moisture after watering.

Microbe stimulator

The secret to a fantastic looking lawn is in the soil, and the grass roots that lie within. Microbe stimulator is a treatment which both enhances the grass and feeds the colonies of bacteria in your soil. This results in a significant growth of your lawns root mass, which in turn leads to a stronger and more resilient lawn. Having this treatment done regularly has been shown to aid the lawn in recovering from stress. It also helps new grass establish more quickly and it feeds the beneficial bacteria which helps to break down thatch, reducing the requirement for scarification  treatments.


Lawn Treatments

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