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Soil aeration service - encourage lawn health and root development

100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services*

Our trustworthy property maintenance professionals work on properties in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.

Our specialised aeration service will help to enhance strong root growth and healthy grass. 


Our improved software assists us in servicing customers in the Tunbridge Wells area, by reducing our commuting time and keeping your costs low. Whether you are in the heart of Calverly Grounds or further out by Langton Green we have the expertise to help you achieve your dream lawn. 


Our dependable, automated booking system keeps you updated and notifies you ahead of time, and with regular updates you will never have to cancel a coffee date at Juliet’s again!

Specialist equipment with stunning results

Using advanced aeration devices, our lawn care experts work to insert hollow tines into the soil of your lawn. By reducing soil compaction and increasing water, nutrient, and air access, root growth is noticeably enhanced.

Long term health benefits

By reducing soil compaction, our aeration service improves the lawn's ability to withstand drought and disease.


With our free, no-obligation quote, you can find out how much our aeration service might cost today.