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Scarification service for your lawn

100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services*

Our skilled property maintenance professionals work across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London to bring you the best lawn in town.

With our scarification service, you can keep your lawn healthy while still making it look great.


We use our efficient software to service customers in Tunbridge Wells. This allows us to reduce travel time, saving costs and keeping prices low for you. Whether you are situated by Camden Park or further out by Rusthall we are able to assist you in achieving your dream lawn.


Our quick, stress-free booking system guarantees that you are always informed in advance of our arrival time. So, if you enjoy daily strolls around The Grove in the sunshine or getting a takeaway coffee from Find Grind, you can still be sure to fit that in.

Maintaining a fresh lawn

Most lawns develop thatch, which, like a thatched roof on a building, stops water from passing in. Thatch can block water, nutrients, and air from reaching the soil where they are needed. We work to strip excess thatch from your lawn, enabling it to flourish.

High quality equipment

We use a mechanical scarification machine for this service, which is designed to eliminate the thatch that is hidden beneath the grass. This enables much-needed nutrients to reach your garden's soil, while also assisting in the prevention of moss and lawn disease.


Discover out how much our scarification service will cost with our free quote.