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EcoMow lawn cutting - Maintain your lawn in an environmentally friendly way

100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services*

Local, trustworthy property maintenance specialists for homes in Kent , Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.

With our EcoMow service, you can get the lawn of your dreams while still being environmentally friendly.


Our advanced software enables us to serve customers in the Tunbridge Wells area, which saves us time and money, allowing us to keep prices low for you.


Our reliable, automated booking system keeps you informed and alerts you in advance of your service. So, whether you enjoy coffee mornings on The Pantiles, pub lunches at Sankey’s or shopping on the High Street you can ensure to be in on our arrival.


On a weekly or fortnightly basis, a healthy, well-maintained lawn with an easy-to-use service at a reasonable price.


Our eco mulching mowers are energy efficient, reducing waste by shredding each blade into microscopic bits and returning them to your lawn.

Cost-effective and beneficial

Since there is no garden waste to dispose of, this mowing alternative is more cost-effective than conventional lawn mowing. The service does not remove nutrients from the lawn; instead, it recycles them back into the grass.


With just a few clicks, you can find out how much a freshly cut lawn will cost.