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Keep your home and garden clean with our professional leaf clearing service.

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Potential damage 

Dead and damp leaves are not only an unsightly nuisance but have the potential to cause lasting problems to both your garden and home. Build-up of leaves on your lawn can smother the grass and prevent the flow of oxygen to it, inhibiting growth and preventing the natural flow of water. Stagnant water — both on the lawn and near the house, in places such as drains and gutters — provides a breeding grown for mould, fungus, pest insects, bacteria and weeds, such as moss. Equally, prolonged leaf build-up near the house can cause flooding and blockages, or even structural damage.

Regular and efficient upkeep

At Kin Kan Do, we maintain an ethos of prevention is better than cure, so we recommend a fortnightly service every two weeks during the key months of October to January. This can be timed around garden waste bin collection to prevent excess and unnecessary travel for removal, as per our eco-friendly policies. Regular servicing also means that we only have to spend a couple of hours on leaf removal, saving you both time and money — but we are happy to do large removals on bigger properties, or if build-up has been left unattended.

Providing local services

We provide local trained professionals to reduce travel times and to help save you time and money, so that your garden looks tidy and healthy all-year round.


Leaf Clearing

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