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Lawn patch and repair for lawns in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.

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Maintaining a Healthy and Beautiful Lawn

Keep your lawn in tip top condition with our lawn and patch repair service. Bare patches can appear in your lawn when the grass is undernourished or it’s been worn out.

Lawn Seeding involves spreading grass seed over the bare patches, which encourages new growth and fills in thin areas, keeping the entire lawn healthy and lush. Additionally, lawn seeding is a cost-effective way to improve the quality of your lawn compared to sodding, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Another benefit of lawn seeding is that it promotes soil health. The new grass plants help to break up compacted soil, improving drainage and allowing for better air and water circulation.

Our expert team will sow the patch with an appropriate seed mix, that best suits your needs, such as drought-resistant or shade-tolerant varieties. 


Our intelligent software assists us in servicing customers in the local area, keeping travel time short and saving costs – meaning we can keep prices low for you.


Our reliable, automated booking system keeps you informed and notifies you in advance of your service.


Lawn & Patch Repair

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