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Our de-weeding service provides a professional and efficient solution to garden parasites.

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De-weeding For Homes & Commercial Properties

Kin Kan Do Provides regular or one-off de-weeding to homes and commercial properties around Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.

Why de-weeding is essential

Weeds are unsightly parasitic plants that compete with desirable plants for nutrients and resources. This compromises their growth and wastes time, energy and money through unnecessary garden maintenance. If left unattended, weeds can very easily take over your flower bed in a short period of time.

The de-weeding process:

As your local gardening experts, Kin Kan Do de-weeding involves carefully and manually removing pesky weeds from your flowerbeds and borders with care. We provide local services across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London to reduce travel times and costs. We are happy to provide regular upkeep to allow you to enjoy your garden all year round and prevent weed invasions before they occur or one-off, larger jobs if weeds have already infiltrated your flower beds.

Care and quality

By removing weeds by hand, we avoid using any harmful herbicides and pesticides which can compromise the health of the surrounding flowers, or beneficial insects such as bees. We recommend booking regular de-weeding to keep your flowerbeds flawless all year round.



Professional De-weeding

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