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Seasonal lawn treatments - Enjoy healthy grass with our professional lawn care

100% satisfaction guaranteed on all services*

Local, professional, lawn maintenance experts for properties in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.


Achieve a healthy, fortified lawn with our expert lawn care.


Our reliable quoting system means we can service customers in our local area. This reduces wasted travel time and saves costs – allowing us to keep prices low for you.

Our intelligent, automated booking system keeps you notified, meaning you’ll always know when your service will take place.

Healthy and fortified
Achieve the healthiest, finest looking grass with our specially tailored fertilisers. Our high-quality treatments ensure your grass will have a vibrant green glow.

Step up your lawncare
For a truly healthy lawn, it’s vital to ensure you’re giving it the care it deserves. Our tailored treatments help you achieve a luxury lawn.