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Lawn Care


Local, reliable, lawn care & mowing services for homes across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London.


Lawn Care is one of our most popular services. We can provide either a high-quality, professional look with our pro-mow service which collects the grass and gives you nice neat lines.

Alternatively we can use our mulching mower that cuts the grass finely and deposits a fine mulch right back into your lawn to keep it healthy.

Whatever your lawn care needs, we can deliver an unbeatable service.




Local Lawn Care Service

Our cutting-edge software means that we can provide lawn care to customers in a local area, saving costs on travel time and allowing us to keep prices low for you.


Our handy automated booking system notifies you in advance of your service, so you’ll always know when to expect us.


Our state of the art, quality mowers help to achieve a superior luxury lawn with elegant stripes.

Composting & Disposal Guidance

This high quality luxury look does create a lot of waste – whilst we can’t dispose of your grass for you, we’re more than happy to assist with onsite disposal, such as using your composting bins, and will always bag waste for you if you wish to dispose of it.

We can also provide guidance on setting up your own green bin from the council who will charge a yearly fee.


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