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Specialist gutter clearing and minor gutter repairs to protect your property

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Protect your home in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London with our specialist-recommended gutter-clearing and minor repair service to stop potentially serious damage.


Gutter Clearing

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Prevention is better than cure

Blocked gutters and downpipes can damage woodwork, paint, roofs and brickwork. They encourage the growth of algae and mould and even cause structural problems or infestations.


Our specialist Gutter Vac system is specially designed to fit into your gutters and the top of downpipes, so they flow freely.


Our Gutter Vac equipment is used from the safety of the ground – safer for both our team and your home or commercial building.

Gutter repairs

Scorching sunshine and freezing temperatures cause huge strain through expansion and contraction, as well as wind and rain which take their toll on your gutters. Our trained staff can carry out minor gutter repairs to protect your home or business property.

Suitable for all buildings

We can reach gutters on any buildings up to four storeys high, including individual homes, town houses and apartments.

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